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Christmas Gift Wishlist

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Did you find most of the deals just weren't that great? I don't know, maybe it was what I was looking for but I definitely didn't find any door crashers. SO, to help, I'm sharing the items on our family's Christmas Wish list. I think you'll find some great ideas to give the perfect gift to the littles in your life.

First up, a great gift for the whole family: custom, one of a kind growth charts! Stacey at Arjia Decor creates the most beautiful growth charts I've seen, hands down. That stunner in the photo (excuse my picture quality) is already ours! I love, love the live edge. It tells a story just like all the marks for the boys' growth tells a part of our story. So special! Not to mention it is a unique part of our home decor as well!

Stacey is taking custom orders for Christmas until December 1st, so don't hesitate on this one. There's only a few days left to have one of these under (or maybe beside!) your tree. You can also check out her Etsy shop for what items she has in stock and ready to ship! (I have all the heart eyes for the "Let It Snow" birch rounds!) For a good look at what this talented Mama can create for you, head to her Instagram @arjia.decor. You won't be disappointed!

Next on the wish list, something for my guy Eli. This busy almost three year old loves building things. Special worker guy projects are proving to be a great motivator and keep him happily occupied. That's a win-win for this Mama!

With that in mind, we have our eyes on this ^ Daredevil Race Car kit from Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks. I admit this is on the pricier side but I'm good with it for a few reasons. One, you can make six different structures out of the same set. Two, there are no small parts which means I can let him be creative by himself and get some of my own "special projects" done! And three, I love that I can get this from one of my favourite local stores - Mini Mioche! Click on the picture to head to their website. You should also sneak over to their clothing section while you're there. I'm basically obsessed with every piece! AND how awesome is it that it's all completely made in Canada??

Also on Eli's wish list are My Family Builders. Lately, Eli has been getting more interested in "playing pretend" as he calls it. I so want to foster an environment in our home that encourages our boys to pretend. These My Family Builders are a great way to promote exactly that! I also think it's great that all the faces have different coloured skin, hair and eyes. Each character will be unique just like his friends in our neighbourhood. You can order directly from their website, here.

Last but not least, my man Nolan. This guy is going to be an easy please this year. Most of the time he is happy with some kitchen utensils and his soother. Thinking about that beloved soother, we are quite excited about the new kid on the soother block - The Doddle Pop pacifier! And it's a no brainer that it would make our wish list for our littlest little. This genius soother pops back into itself when it leaves baby's mouth. That means the nipple never touches the **insert dirty landing spot here**. AMAZING! They just came out with a new colour, and my personal favourite, oh happy grey. Gimme, Gimme all the grey things!! Click on the pic to check them out!

The only other thing on Nolan's wish list is a new Munch Mitt for his collection. I swear this poor kiddo has been teething since he was two months old. That's actually when we purchased his first Munch Mitt. He is forever chewing on things. Having a teether attached to a mitt that stays fastened to his hand = lifesaver! You can find them at Babies R' Us but I have linked directly to the Munch Mitt site because, as mentioned, grey is love!

Just a few gift giving ideas here from our family's wish list. Hope you found something helpful! Or maybe just found a new place to shop you've never checked out before. Either way, your kid is going to have more fun with the boxes and tissue anyways. Worst case scenario you can just gift them that. ;) Happy Shopping!

It's an extraordinary, ordinary life!


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