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And many mooooore!

This past Saturday I turned the big 3-0! My husband, that sneaky guy, threw me a surprise party. I had NO idea! Well, obviously I knew he would plan something for such a big birthday BUT thought more a fun, chill day with our hometeam. Instead, I was taken by my also sneaky friend Esther and her famjam to a beautiful waterfront park in Toronto. There I discovered more of my amazing friends and family were also there and that we would be spending the morning together! We went paddle boarding, played slam ball, shared a meal together and I made my birthday wish over a stack of macarons. I mean come on!

**Hover over the photos in the slideshow for some more of the heart-filling moments from my awesome birthday!**

After having a wedding shower, wedding and baby shower, I have frequently said that I wish there were more reasons to have all the people you love together in one place. It is a feeling like no other to be so surrounded in love. I am grateful beyond words that I could experience that feeling once again for my birthday! What we were doing or where we were mattered little, being together was EVERYTHING! I am thankful that as I enter my 30's my heart is so very full. I'm talking cloud nine kind of full! It is my prayer that this new decade I've begun would continue to be fuelled by love.

It's an extraordinary, ordinary life!


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